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"... Experienced team, solid deivery, realiable performance..."

Sylvia Amlaw, Revenue Director
Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, FL

"... Outstanding results, BTM helped us to achieve new heights in visual merchandising ..."

Anthony Fusco, Visual Merchandising Director, MACY's Inc, NY

"... It was a great experience for us to work with such a professional team. Definitely one of the best web-development teams that we have ever worked with..."
Anna Gromnitskaya
Client Relations Department
STS TV-Network, Moscow, Russia

We know how to get your website to page ONE for your keywords in Google organic search.

We can get you there and keep you there, saving you thousands in pay-per-click campaigns.

You do not pay us monthly fees until your website starts to come up on page one for at least one of your keyword phrases in Google.

What’s our history?
Why should you believe us?
Do we provide proof of existing page one successes?
What do we bring to the table that the other SEO firms do not?
And finally why should you work with us vs. another SEO firm?

It is simple: If we do not succeed – We don’t get paid

• Our experts have 16 years of SEO expertise. We were doing this work when Yahoo was just formed.

• We are based out of United States, headquartered in Tampa, FL (no strange time zone or language barriers). We provide unlimited phone support to our customers 9-6pm EST.

• We 100% Guarantee Your GOOGLE Page One Results!
No page One – Then No Monthly Payment.

What’s Included

There are a lot of steps involved with setting up this service and for its ongoing maintenance. Some services are performed once during the initial research and setup, others are performed daily, and others on a monthly basis. This is a monthly program.

Site Evaluation &
Product, Service,
Industry Research
Onsite SEO - Meta
Tags & Page Content
During The Initial Setup We Perform The Following:
  • Complete A Website Audit
  • Fully Evaluate Your Sites' Existing Meta Tags
  • Evaluate Your Sites Current Page Content For SEO Strength
  • Take Screenshots Of Your Sites Pages & Meta Tags
During The Initial Setup We Perform The Following:
  • Compile Google Historical Search Data For Your Type Of Products & Services
  • Compile Google's Data For Your Industry
  • Research Google Page One Competitors For Your Industry

During The Initial Setup We Perform The Following:
  • We Research, Write, and Install Powerful Home Page Title & Meta Tags
  • We Research, Write, and Install Home Page Text Modifications As Needed
Social Media -
Research, Write,
and Post

Back Linking

Management, Measurement
& Analysis
Ongoing as needed:
  • Create Numerous Social Media Accounts
  • Research, Write, & Post Blog Postings Averaging 500 Words Re; Your Products & Services
  • Create Keyword, Key Phrase Anchor Text Links To Your Website
  • Establish RSS Feeds For Selected Keywords and Key Phrases
  • Ping The Social Media Blog Sites
  • Cross Link Related Locations
Ongoing as needed:
  • Submit & Monitor Your Site In Google, Yahoo, Bing & Other Powerful Engines & Directories
  • Submit Your Site To Thousands Of Powerful Backlink Locations
  • Monitor The Engines & BackLink Locations To Confirm Inclusion & Resubmit As Necessary
During the Initial Setup and daily, as needed:
  • We Create a Google Analytics account for you and install the code on your home page. (Installation on additional pages is optional.)
  • Provide You With Daily Statistics via online access.
  • Review And Compare Google's Organic Positioning Results For Your Keywords / Key Phrases And Report Page One Findings As They Occur


Our Guarantee Is In Writing
We provide you with a written and signed guarantee. It is included in the written
agreement between our two firms. It provides full details.

As part of the agreement, you’ll be requested to provide us with two lists:

> Keyword Target List
What’s Important To You Is Important To Us:
This is a list of 20 keywords or key phrases that relate to your products and services that you would like us to use as a goal in our page one quest. These words will also be used during our research and writing of your home page meta tags, page text modification, and for topics in our Social Media.

> Excluded Keyword List
We Only Take Credit Where Credit Is Due:
If you have keywords or key phrases that already appear on Google’s Page One in the organic listings, then we should not be able to take credit for getting them there. That’s where the “Excluded Keyword” List comes in.

We will ask you to give us a “complete” list of as many keywords or key phrases that you can find that bring up your website on Google’s page one organic results. There Is No Maximum Number

Is There A Maximum Number Of Keywords You’ll Try To Get To Page One?

NO: We set no maximum. We have customers that have 10, 50 or more
keywords or key phrases that appear within Google’s Page One organic results.

How Much More Does It Cost To Get Numerous Keywords On Page One?

$0.00: Not One Penny More. No, it’s not a typo. We really don’t charge extra for getting more keywords on page one. We do the same amount of work for your website no matter how many keywords get to page one. Since it doesn’t cost us more, why should we charge you more? Let’s try for as many as we can get there. Why not?

Where’s the proof?
Here are a couple examples:
Search Google for “virtual merchandising”, or “multimedia virtual tours”, or “browseable tour”, or “Prototypical Store Virtual Tour” and you will see our client WOW-Tours, Inc. (www.wow-tours.net) on the first page of results.

Search it for “Best Spas Tampa Bay”,“Florida Resort Spa “,”FL Spa Package”, “Best Florida Spa”, “Day Spa In Tampa Bay”, “Best Spa In Florida” and our customer Safety Harbor Resort (www.safetyharborspa.com) will be on the first page of results.

How Much Does This Cost?
Since we work with many customers we can offer our services at a discounted rate. There are no hidden fees and you pay monthly fees ONLY if you are found on the first page of Google during that month.

How To Get Started?
Ask us for a brochure (if you do not have one yet) or pick the right program for you from this list and get your self discovered by millions of new customers.

We offer Four Packages to get your site to page 1 of Google search engine:

Service Package
One-time Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
(per each successful month)
Google reults

City/ Metro Area


Your site found on the First page of Google organic search results for your customers in a
city/ metro-area




Your site found on the First page of Google organic search results for your customers in the region
/3-5 states



Your site found on the First page of Google organic search results for your customers nationwide



Your site found on the First page of Google organic search results for your customers

Be sure to ask us about the current programs and promotions. Make sure to mention the company or person who referred you, this may get you (and them) extra discounts.

Contact us and we will email or fax you our Premium SEO Service Agreement and Terms of Service.

Please review them completely, if you have any questions – call your assigned SEO Specialist. Once you feel comfortable that you are ready to move ahead, just complete the form, sign and return to us.

At this time our account team will contact you and your adventure to page 1 of Google search engine begins.

Contact Information:

Phone: (503)577.0449

Email: info@btmteam.net




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