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Multimedia Tours and Virtual Street Views
The price range for these services is surprisingly affordable. We know that we are exclusive, we know that no other company can do it for you with that level of sophistication and built-in analytical tools, but at the same time we have a simple price calculator that we use in most cases.

Several main factors come to play: the number of scenes, the amount of directional sound effects in each, the quantity and sophistication of animations and of the video elements.

Is there a storyline? Characters/actors? Any interactive games built-in for the fun and exploration?

Amway production facility tour
If you take $1,000 as a ballpark base estimate for the scene with interactive elements, sound and some video - you can extrapolate from there. Of course the number of interactive items can increase the price. While absence thereof or a large volume of the scenes in the tour can get you a nice volume discount.

Virtual Street Views
As far as the production of Street Views is concerned - it is a flat fee per mile, that starts at $150.00 and goes down with volume discounts.

Red Square Moscow, on Yandex.ru/maps
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