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Some samples of our work can be found here. Here are a few of the most memorable project milestones that made it to the web, in 3D, or on TV.


- innovative electronics manufacturer. Creator of iceKUBE vibration acoustic speaker and a line of solar chargers and solar flashlights. A new rising star on the market of consumer electronics.

Safety Harbor Resort and Spa
(Tampa Bay, FL)

- maintenance and development of the website for one unique spa with natural springs, discovered by spanish captain back in XVI century and mistaken for the myhical "Fountain of Youth". SEO, content-management system, booking engine, and multimedia.

Cafe "Sense" (Russia)
- one of the few places in the Far East of Russia with Italian custom made art-deco styled interior that cost over $5 mil. Great atmosphere, great food. Built in 2008.

"HydePark" Residential Complex

- 16-storey high-rise modern apartment complex with 120 apartments, with underground parking, offices and exhibition halls on the first and second floors.


- modern dancing floor and stage with top-notch sound equipment and lights. 2 dining areas and bar. Great atmosphere and a Friday-night beacon in its vicinity. Built in 2013.


- True sports bar in looks and spirit. Live rock music, best of german, italian and mexican foods. Craft beers and wines. Built in 2012.

Third Ward Speaks (Houston, TX)

- unique social project for the history and cultural heritage of the Third Ward in Houston, TX. Family stories, video and audio content, CMS system, virtual tour elements and integration with google mapping engine.

Hydrauli[City] Project (Houston, TX)

- this project is dedicated to various architectural solutions for the cities' network of baouyous. How to use them and make these neglected badlands a unique part of the the cityscape.

InnovaComm (Colorado)

- Boutique marketing agency website. Flash and multimedia-rich with content-management system.

This site is one of the most technologically advanced tours in our portfolio, and it is still at the core of Coffeemania’s new website. Click to explore the coffee shop and its delicious coffee and homemade cakes and pastries.

Leland Consulting

- one of the national leaders in designing and developing of the modern-day cityscapes. Design, intro, photography, interactive animations and back-end content management system.

XPS Game

An interactive game-style promotion for Dell. Can you uncover the mystery of stolen laptop cargo, solve all puzzles and find the criminals? (only in Russian) Click to explore.

Anna Kalinina
- Personal growth coach. Website design, CMS and SEO compatibility.

Perpetuum Tattoo
- What do clubber, aesthete-minimalist, urban jungle creature and gothic girl have in common? - Each of them wants to get a tattoo @ Perpetuum Tattoo Studio. :)

Virtual Trans-Siberian Train Trip

The Trans-Siberian train “Rossiya” has been departing Moscow’s Yaroslavl Station every even-numbered day for the last 40 years, and to celebrate the anniversary of its first departure, Russian Railways enlisted our team to create a virtual tour of its historic Mainline. Click to explore a voyage on the "Rossiya" train!
Take an cool trip to the East via the Trans-Siberian Express, Hop on!

RUKA Ski Resort, Finland
- Ruka ski resort is one of three most famous winter sport centers in Finland. 28 slopes, cosy wooden cottages and other nice things for happines.

GIEL - This virtual tour of GIEL’s Moscow store showcases a new stage of our technological development — XLM based info-windows, along with seamless video inserts. Updating interactive store merchandise has never been easier! Click tour highlights to learn more about this project on our special WOW-tours website, or click here to explore the tour itself (only in Russian).

Wine Story - The Wine Story restaurant in Moscow is home to one of the most exclusive wine clubs in the city.
Our virtual tour of the Wine Story restaurant showcases the elegance, individuality and culture of this prominent destination. Click tour highlights to learn more about this project on our special wow-tours website, or click here to explore the tour.

Kids Playroom - Our virtual playroom for kids features plenty of games and toys to discover. This is an introductory course for young parents on which toys to buy for different ages of their children.
(Russian language only)
Click to explore these educational games for kids.

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